Inspired by GRC’s Shields Up!, the port scanner from Net by Matt uses similar remote port scanning technology and includes IPv6 support.

The scanner will attempt to connect to ports at your IP address from’s netowork and present results in a friendly grid format. All green “stealth” results are great!

The scanner has several uses besides overall security

  • Test to make sure a port is open, such as a VPN or web server
  • Test your network’s IPv6 connectivity. The scanner link above will attempt to connect to on both IPv6 and IPv4 and will present to you both addresses if both are found. You can then select which address to scan.
  • Finding your IP address remotely
  • Testing a headless server – The returned HTML is in a very straight-forward format and can be easily scanned by a human after running curl or similar from your server.

There’s a lot of technology behind the scenes to make this work. The link above has full details but some of the highlights include:

  • Scan originates from a different address than
  • Micro-service architecture allows for easy scaling during traffic spikes
  • Written entirely in Node.js
  • Javascript is not used to show the scan results